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   Perfection is often talked about. However, it becomes interesting when it is measurable. Along with quality planning and continuous certification of our processes, we pay special attention to the use of cutting-edge production facilities and high-precision measurement technologies. This way we guarantee that maximum quality is the common denominator for all our services.

   Based on the customer's requirements, quality planning is planned in the CAD system for prototypes, preliminary series and complete series, including the preparation of FMEA and inspection plans. Sampling is carried out in accordance with PPAP, PPF or at the request of the customer – all methods for electronic data exchange on request. Whenever possible, each stage of the production line is monitored - mainly with the help of a camera system.


   Primary samples, as well as serial measurements of products, their components, analysis of technological processes and analysis of equipment capabilities are carried out using the most modern optical and tactile 3D measuring systems in a climate-controlled measuring laboratory.


   The following certificates are used in Fischer System

International standard ISO 9001. Quality Management Standard (QM)

International standard ISO 14001. Environmental Management Standard

ISO 13485, Q.M. Medicine (USA)

Occupational health and Safety system (Germany)

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