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Collaborating at Work

   Over the past 10-plus years, we have grown significantly. Who should we thank for this? In addition to our employees, we would like to thank those who have placed their trust in us - our customers. We also do our best to give them a good reason to thank us: honest and innovative products that are the result of close and reliable cooperation.

   Those who choose us do so in the hope of a high level of innovation and uncompromising quality. This has always been the case, and from the very beginning it formed our idea of ourselves. Of course, we want to be more than just a supplier of excellent products and solutions. We want to serve our customers from start to finish and support them with our experience in the field of processes and projects.

This means, on the one hand, that we are constantly expanding our vertical integration to use our comprehensive knowledge to offer extremely complex projects from a single source.

On the other hand, this means that in the context of globalization, we are doing everything possible to be not only personally close to our customers, but also physically. That's why we ask you to consider our production sites around the world not as a sign of our growth or examples of corporate foresight, but rather as what they really are... an expression of our desire to be a real partner for you, who accompanies you everywhere for the successful completion of the most complex projects. together!

Stand Up Meeting

Our commitment to close and long-term cooperation is aimed not only at our customers. This is also true for our suppliers. We are aware of your contribution to our success, we are very grateful for it and would like to continue to jointly promote innovations.


Whether it's business or pleasure, we believe in the value of long–term relationships. The requirements for this are honest communication and mutual commitment to uncompromising quality. On this basis, partnerships are developing that last for decades and help us all develop together.

 Thirty years ago, we signed a contract with our first supplier just by shaking hands, and since then we have been working together on all further projects.


Honesty and community awareness mean much more to us than our product requirements or the style of our customer service. They influence the social role we play in all our divisions and determine what we categorically reject, as well as what we indulge in with all our passion.

Those who want a peaceful society in which to conduct their business activities should make their contribution. We are happy to take on this responsibility in all our divisions: from paying all taxes and duties to rejecting any kind of corruption, from actively fighting all forms of racism and religious discrimination to creating fair jobs.

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